Alera – Alema43Als10M – Madaris Leather Guest Chair W/Wood Trim

An impressive guest chair that feels as good as it looks. Soft touch black leather upholstery. Padded armrests for comfort. Stylish and durable solid wood frame. Seat/Back Color(s): Black; Features Functions: N/A; Arms Included: Yes; Recommended Applications: N/A.

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  1. The quality of these chairs is on par with what you find in Big Box Office Supply Stores. For $120.00 each that is what I expected. They look good. Leather quality is So-So, as this is budget office furniture. They seem sturdy. I wanted something small for guests to sit in an associates office. These fit the bill.

  2. GS says:

    I bought two of these chairs. They look good and fit well with the Alera office chair I bought as well. A tip when putting them together, affix the arms to the back first and keep the screws a bit loose. Then carefully put the seat in and screw into place. I first tried it the other way around and since there is not as much slack on the screws for the seat, its better to install it first. Be very careful when installing it as the screw holes can scratch the veneer off very easily. The chairs seem sturdy when put together. They are a bit stiff, but not uncomfortable to sit in. The only real con is the wood veneer being so easily scratched off, but using a black sharpie should cover up any small nicks.

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