Alera Wing Back Guest Chair, Mahogany Finish/Oxblood Vinyl

Traditional styling with button tufting and brass nailhead trim Padded arms Deep cushioned vinyl upholstery in Oxblood burgundy Genuine hardwood frame with a rich mahogany finish

Queen Anne style legs

Seat: 19 by 19-Inch

Back: 21 by 27-Inch

Chair Type: Stationary Chair

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  1. DJ says:

    This arrived while I was at work and when I got home my wife had assembled it. When she showed it to me, we just started laughing about how small it was (very stiff seat, too). I’m not sure what to do with it.

  2. The chair is made in China and consists of 100% polyurethane foam pad, I guess to meet the flammability requirements of California Bureau of Home Furnishings. The chair is comfortable and you really can’t beat the price – given that this is supposed to be an over $500 chair. But it has some pluses and minuses. It’s really meant to be more of an office chair than a living room chair – while the seat, due to a person’s weight provides nice softness, the back of the chair is rigid due to it being overstuffed. But as an office chair, especially in modern office environments (i.e., with multiple working surfaces), it would really need wheels to be practical. Wheels would, of course, defeat the whole look of this chair as it is really more of a writing desk chair, not a multiple desk chair. Thus, when it says “guest chair” – take it seriously. It would be great for a law office guest seating – but then the price wouldn’t be as great given that one would be able to find cheaper “guest” chairs. While unorthodox, I actually do use it in living room in front of the TV – if you have a foot stool to shift your weight back to the padded back, it works well. The added benefit is that you’ll not be tempted to almost lie down in a chair as is often the case with most recliners and watch TV for many more hours than you might do otherwise. You’ll be comfortable watching a show or two, but with you not lying down in a chair that’s almost a bed (as with recliners), you’ll get up and go do something else with your time when you’re done with TV. So while I definitely recommend this chair, it’s not for everyone and might actually be too expensive for just a “guest” chair. Oh, and while I can’t guarantee it, the shipper that the seller uses is very fast – I got the chair in about 3 days. The chair comes with the legs needing to be screwed to the body, which is fairly standard – but make sure you have plenty of space to take the box apart and to assemble the chair.

  3. The chair makes a handsome addition to my living room and is quite comfortable. However, I was somewhat dismayed when I unpacked the box the chair came in started to set up the chair only to find out none of the bolts needed had been included. So I had to purchase the bolts at a local hardware store before I could assemble the chair. This is very poor quality control in packaging department.

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