Boss B9529 Leather Sled Base Side Guest Chair, Black

Upholstered in black leather, Solid sled style steel frames (Gauge: 16, Thickness: 0.8-inch, Width: 1.6-inch) with black scratch-resistant paint finish, Thick contoured seat and back cushions for added comfort and support, Moves smoothy over hard surface and plush carpeting, Curved arms easily clears front edges when pulled close to table, , Dimensions: Arm Height: 25.5-inch H, Seat Size: 20-inch W x 20-inch D, Back Size: 13-inch W x 20-inch H, Seat height: 18.5-inch H, Overall Dimensions: 23-inch W x 24.5-inch D x 34.5-inch H. Assembly instructions also available at

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  1. Sid says:

    I got this chair as a supplementary office chair in Feb 2012. Here are a few pointers that made me give just 1 star to this product:
    – Hard to assemble. Actually quite hard
    – Screws come off just after weeks of putting it together
    – Squeaking noise from the chair (probably because of the screws)
    – Comfortable to sit on, but not for long periods of time
    – Wobbly

  2. youdan says:

    Nice enough chair if it wouldn’t have been for the what i would assume to be shipping damage and the previous purchaser. This chair was obviously put together once before based on the missing paint at all of the screw locations. The chair frame had a LOT of paint rubbed off and one of the end frames was dented in. Most of it was repaired by re-painting. I figured it would be easier to re-paint versus shipping it back and dealing with that. Nothing worse than getting a re-packaged product when your expecting something new.

    The cushions are nice enough and our customers have said they think it’s comfortable. It was also very easy to assemble “10 minutes”.

    This chair could have been a 5 star.

  3. :,/ says:

    absolutely terrible. did not come with instructions, which I was fine with. That is where the parts I was ok with ended. to start it off it looks like somebody has already ATTEMPTED to put this together. I say attempted because only about 60% of the screw holes line up correctly and the parts that have paint rubbed off or other signs of wear are the exact spots that were not correctly lined up. THe product dimensions listed are incorrect that may be due to a manufacturer defect causing correct assembly to be impossible, but just though I would mention it. IF you really want to buy this and waste your time, by all means go ahead. Maybe you’ll get the one that I just tried to put together ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Traveler says:

    Product consists of a frame in four parts and two cushions. It arrived with a tear on the underside of the seat cushion, which may say something about the packaging.

    Four screws fasten the seat cushion to the frame, and four more fasten the back cushion. The hard part is to line up the screws in the back so that they catch and fasten to the threaded holes inside the back cushion. I needed a few frustrating hours over a couple of days, and I finally settled for three out of four screws. (The fourth one was too loose to fasten.) It’s best if the job is done by two people.

    When put together, the chair actually is not bad. The company was gracious about offering to take it back, but I decided to keep it.

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