Boss B9545 Captain’s Guest Arm Chair with Casters Oxblood Vinyl

Classic traditional styling with casters features hand applied individual brass nail head trim. Versatile chair for deskside, lounge, or conference room. Sturdy hardwood frame with a rich mahogany finish and covered in a soft durable easy care black vinyl. No-sag spring seat. Available without casters item B9540, Dimensions: Seat Size: 22-inch W x 21-inch D, Back Size: 24-inch W x 12.5-inch H, Seat height: 18.5-inch H, Overall Dimensions: 24-inch W x 26-inch D x 31-inch H. Assembly instructions also available at

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  1. lacybates says:

    The chair came on time and was packed very well. I put it together myself and I’m a 70 year old woman. It did take some time. The wood pieces had a sprayed on mahogony finish and were not perfect, defects in the finish, in some places. I purchased four for a round dining table. They were too short for my purposes. However, they would be great for a guest chair…which is what they were advertised as. Amazon very prompt in returning my money…so I could buy more things from them.

  2. qtoyou says:

    What a super deal!! We use these chairs as our game room chairs and they are beautiful, comfortable, economical and easy to put together. I’ve looked for awhile for a chair on casters that I could use with my game table and didn’t want to invest the $500-600/chair. My neighbor found these on Amazon and with free shipping, this deal was too good to pass up. I have the oxblood color (also comes in black) which is a two-toned deep red and deep burgundy — shading from one color to the other makes it look like leather but it’s vinyl. The back of the chair hits the back at just the right point to provide a solid back support. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  3. This chair is just what I needed- I am so proud to own it. Putting it together took about 30 minutes. Anyone sitting in this chair will be able to relax in comfort. The blood red color stated is actual not the case- it is a much richer color, just as previous reviewers indicated. I am so delighted with it. It looks expensive, as if it should cost about $300.

    Very well constructed- excellent design. The seat area is big enough for any booty. I have another chair that some customers cannot sit in so this is a very desirable feature (one or two reviewers mentioned it had ample seating area too). I was very pleasantly surprised that I did not have to install the casters to the base of the legs- I was dreading it, and sighed in relief. These people take really good care of us to make sure that we have very little stress putting the arm chair together, and I thank them for that.

    So ladies- have no fear of buying this chair- you can do it. JUST MAKE SURE to remember to LOOSELY twist/screw the long nails into the long and short sides. AFTER the seat cushion is forced into place (we women are not as strong as men) you can then finish tightening the long nails.

    I cannot say enough about the packaging- it was well thought out, every corner that could possible have scuff marks was generously protected with bubble wrap and some insulated tape too. All in all, I highly recommend this chair. So far Amazon is my favorite place to buy household items. This is the second purchase, and I am so glad I have an ally I can trust- I can safely, and securely make purchases that are amazing in quality, price, and durability. Can I get an Amen!

  4. Victor says:

    This is an excellent chair for the price. I had several friends attempt to estimate the cost of this chair and all estimates were over $200. The only concern I have with the chair is that when installing the main sitting pad, the bolts do not screw in – it seems they are ‘screwing’ into padding, not a metal female receptacle.

    I have asked many friends to sit in the chair and give an honest opinion and ALL liked it – in regard to appearance and comfort.

  5. We shopped around for quite a while to try and replace the chairs that came with our dining/game table. When we purchased the table and chairs 35 years ago we never expected to keep the set this long. But the table really fills our need in space and functionality. The chairs, however, are really falling apart and have been for about 10 years. I have repaired them 3 times and recovered once, but they are just not worth fixing and recovering again. As a result, we have been looking for replacement chairs and finally found these.

    First impression, good looking chair, and the picture does not do it justice. Nowhere near as shiny, but a richer deeper color. I wish they were leather, not vinyl, but look at the price again. For the price I can live with killing a few pleather animals.

    Assembly: Instructions are comic book simple and you really need to sit down and read them before beginning. Full assembly took about 20 minutes and was not too difficult. If I had read the instructions first, it would have been about 10 minutes and very simple to do. (Hey, how many men even look at, let alone keep the instructions.) All screws go into pre-drilled fittings so are very easy to attach. All fittings come on a single card and are laminated in place – easily removable. Includes allen wrench – you will also need a screwdriver; no other tools needed. (Instructions may be seen at: […] )

    Sitting: Once assembled the chair is exceedingly comfortable. I was a little worried about the chair height because of the casters. The final height of the seat is 15 1/2 inches +/- above the floor. My wife is 5’5″ and the length is fine for her. The chair is also very comfortable for me at 6′. Our only problem, and it is slight, is that the chair arm runs into the bottom of the table. It would be nicer to have about an inch of clearance, but … this is not a deal breaker for us.

    Quality: I would rate this as a high quality, very comfortable chair. Value for price is very high.

    Now that we have this chair, we will be ordering 3 more to complete the set. Not sure yet; we may even get a couple extra for guests and not use the folding chairs for them. Overall, a very high recommendation from both of us as to quality, comfort, and price. (Update may be put here after a few weeks or months of use.)

    Update on 29 June. Not saying we liked the chair or anything, but just a week later received the other 3 that I had ordered as soon as “she who must be obeyed” approved and asked when the others were expected to arrive. Assembly (now that I know what I am doing) takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Removal from box and prep to assemble takes about 5 to 10 min each. You will have to use your own Phillips head screwdriver. We now have the set of 4 that I needed to replace our old chairs. Really a good looking, comfortable group now.

  6. C. Armstrong says:

    I’m so happy to see that this chair is still available! I’ve had this very chair for 4 years now and I’m replacing it with a new one. It has held up well and is still as sturdy as the day it was put together. The padding is starting to flatten, some old cat scratches in the vinyl are now turning into cracks and the brass tacks have darkened, but that’s not bad for 4 years!
    I bought this chair, not because of its good looks, but because of the mid-back rounded back rest. It’s great for stretching back and relaxing. Being a cubicle dweller for the past 35 years, I’ve sat in almost every kind of office chair out there, so I know what I want when I see it. Although this isn’t an “office chair” I knew that the backrest was what the Dr. ordered. I sit in this chair all day and over the years I’ve never had an issue as to its comfort, which I can’t say about any other chair.
    I highly recommend this as the best chair for the money. (If you are having trouble assembling it, don’t give up on it, it’s worth the effort.)

  7. Pros:
    The chairs arrived on time.
    They were well packaged.
    They looked great and were a solid constuction.
    Exceptional value for the price.
    The assembly instruction were fairly clear.

    I would have given it 5 stars but for a quality control problem.
    I had trouble screwing in the seats.
    The only way I got them together was to call a friend with a professional power screwdriver.
    On two seats what you screw into was partially covered with the wood.
    The third seat the hole was so misaligned that when I screwd it in, the screw missed the hole and went into the wood itself.
    But once in the chairs were solid.
    The rest of the assembly was fairly easy.

  8. This chair was very easily assembled. It looks great and is very comfortable. It is also sturdy and the casters work flawlessly. I have used it daily for a month or so and thoroughly enjoy it. An excellent chair for the money.

  9. S. Carl says:

    Our assembling the product was not easy and there are a couple chairs that were faulty in appearance but not enough to be easily noticed so rather than send them back we kept them. The arms fit under our current table however the seat should be higher on the frame to sit correctly. The seat is kind of bowed feeling when you sit on them but they are comfortable otherwise. For the price compared to other chairs on casters we are pleased. A touch up kit with the red vinyl color would make it even nicer.

  10. Bill says:

    Being somewhat handicapped I needed a chair I could move without too much effort and did not cost an arm and a leg. A flatter seat surface probably would be more comfortable, but I am able to sit in it as I get dressed.

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