Boss Executive Box Arm Chair W/Mahogany Finish Guest Seating

Perfect for lobbies or reception areas, Classic retro styling, Mid-back box arm chair, Soft and durable molded polyurethane armrests, Upholstered with ultra soft and durable Black Caressoft vinyl, Rich mahogany wood finish legs, Dimensions: Arm Height: 25.5-inch H, Seat Size: 19.5-inch W x 20-inch D, Seat height: 19-inch H, Overall Dimensions: 26.5-inch W x 26.5-inch D x 35.5-inch H

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  1. mayasm0m says:

    Easy to install although parts were hard to figure out (actually screwed on chair)
    These work perfect in my husband’s office. We liked them so much we bought 4.
    And we got them FAST!

  2. Having read ther eviews about the color of the chair I still took a chance and ordered the chair and hoped that it would be more of a chocolate color than black, these chairs are black with mahogony legs- don’t be convinced otherwise! However also be aware that if you can get beyond the color these chairs are superb- they are truly comfortbale chairs and they look rich and expensive. I would recommend these chairs, I changed by entire color scheme for these chairs rather than returning them!

  3. H in Seattle says:

    As the previous reviewer noted, the chair is quite nice for this price. It’s sturdy without being too heavy, the vinyl is soft and pretty nice-looking (looks and feels a lot like that cheap, reconstituted leather you get on the furniture at the big Swedish store). The description here doesn’t mention a color, and the photo makes the chair look sort of espresso, but the box says black. Here in my office, it actually reads closer to a brown-black.

    Assembly was super easy, only six screws. It needs a pillow or something to make it more interesting, but overall I’m really happy with it.

  4. Bought 4 of these for use in a dental office. The color is a matte black (not glossy) and not chocolate as it looks in the picture. That wasn’t an issue for us though. The seat is soft and feels solid as well as the seat back. The other chairs we bought had a harder back but the upholstery was leather (and glossy). Executive Leather Side Chair or Reception Chair w/ Arms

    The seat width is 19.5 inches which is actually larger than the Everlast models (18.25″) and thus felt more comfortable, especially if you are a heavier build. I would think your clients/patients would appreciate that.

    Some have said the screws are missing and yes, at first glance they are missing from a plastic zip bag labeled “REMARKS: PLEASE FIND THE SCREWS ARE INCLUDED HERE!!” but upon further inspection they are already screwed into the seat back (x2) and the seat base (x4). Duh, why include the zip bag then?

    Putting the thing together takes a little work but here’s a tip: loosely tighten all the screws first and then slowly finish them by alternating each (think wheel lug nuts on a car). In addition, some screws may not bring all the pieces completely together, i.e. the brackets may not be flush in the end. I hope the screws don’t back out. But then again, these chairs are china made and don’t have the tight tolerances like a BMW. You get what you pay for. I hope these last at least 10 years…

  5. Lthorpe says:

    We purchased 4 chairs for our office. Two of the the chairs would not assemble correctly, didn’t even open the other two so unhappy with them. Definitly returning item.

  6. R. Ramil says:

    Received the chairs on time, came disassembled, easy to put together, descriptions of chair was correct, bought 2 of them and both were intact and undamaged, very sophisticated and comfortable, looks great in our office, and chairs are also surprisingly very durable and sturdy. Excellent product!!!

  7. Opinionated says:

    This chair looks very classy – makes a great impression! I bought two for my office. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because two of the screws wouldn’t go in. (I probably lack the strength to bring the parts together close enough to screw the back onto the chair. So it’s a minor quibble. If I had more arm strength, it would be 5 stars.) The chair holds together well even without those two screws going in. The color is black (as the previous reviewer mentioned, in the photo it looks espresso, but out of the box it looks black. It’s vinyl, not leather, which may account for the photo looking an espresso color.) I needed classy-looking chairs that would be easy to clean, in case customers came in wearing dirty clothes, or brought pets into the office. That’s why I can’t use fabric chairs, as comfortable as they are. But these vinyl classy-looking chairs are perfect.

  8. Now, I have to say, I’m one of those buyers who reads reviews before I purchase an item – If possible, I even call the 3rd party seller to ask questions to make absolutely sure that my money, especially if ‘over’ $100′, will be worth the plunge. Well, I took the plunge and here’s what I discovered.

    The screws are pre-drilled into the back of one piece of the chair (4) and (2) more on another part of the chair and the chair comes with a ‘hex wrench’ in a little zip lock type of bag for you to uncrew them from the back of the chair- To me, a lot of hassle- why not just put the screws in the zip lock bag with the hex-wrench? To me, it was just unnecessary to have the consumer have to unscrew (6) screws when you have to screw them back in again – To me, it was just ‘more’ for the consumer to do in putting this chair together –

    Secondly, the instructions are not ‘written’ – they’re only in ‘picture form’, so, you have to ‘look’ at the picture and just….figure it out – (Prime example – I had no idea that the screws were pre-drilled into the back of a few pieces of the chair because there was absolutely no notice of that in the package on the instructions – I spent a good amount of time looking for them and actually had to call in to ask them where they were…

    Third, the manufacturer, when they drilled these holes, they must not have done a ‘test run’ on it themselves to see if these screws go into them easily – Newsflash, they don’t – When you align everything together, you have to go through a lot of pulling and pushing to get the holes lined up correctly and then trying to get the screws actualy screwed all the way in – They either did not go in all the way or you had to struggle to find the open holes because the screw had a hard time finding it’s way through the ‘pre-drilled’ hole…

    so, my last resort…calling the 1-800- number to get some sort of assistance as a ‘last attempt’ before I put this thing back into the box and shipped this peice of garbage back- I called, and got a lady who said ‘well, if you’re having that much trouble, perhaps you need to send it back!’ – This is the 1-800 help number that they provide ????????????

    I thanked her and advised her that I would.

    Unbelievable. Too bad I can’t go lower than 1 star.

    (P.S. – I did eventually struggle and get this thing together, and frankly, not impressed at all with the workmanship, material or comfort…not impressive at all. I work from home and need to sit in a chair for 8-10 hours a day and I was in this for 2 hours before it began to put a major strain on my lower back. It will go back asap. Too much money was spent on this.

  9. The Doc says:

    Item not as pictured. We need 8 of these chairs for our office. The dark brown chair in the photo fit our needs perfectly. The problem is these chairs are black. I cannot comment on the quality of the chair as we didn’t even assemble them before we returned them. Big hassle.

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