Boss Fabric Guest Chair, Grey Fabric/Mahogany Finish

Wood reception chair. Mahogany wood finish. Molded wood frame with extra thick seat and back cushions. Available in 4 standard fabric colors: black, blue, burgundy, grey.

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  1. Sympatec says:

    We bought 6 chairs(the black cloth ones) for my wife’s reception area and they are perfect! The wood and the cloth are an excellent match. Assembly was pretty easy, her receptionist assembled all but 2. I had two reasons why I didn’t give a full 5 stars: 1. Two of the chairs had a little bit of an alignment problem with some of the bolt holes, nothing that I was unable to ultimately work out but still a slight negative. 2. Some of the little plugs used to cover up the bolt holes don’t really stay in place like they are designed to because either the hole is just a bit to large or the plug a bit to small, so I will have to glue them in.

    Overall these chairs are perfect for what we needed and at a great price!

  2. It looks nice but don’t make this a key chair.


    1. Looks nice
    2. Works on carpet if you take off the little rubber things at the base.


    1. Weak seat and not made for a person over 200 lbs
    2. Paint chips off if dinger in the slightest (really stands out withe the white pine wood underneath)
    3. Not a full-time desk chair
    4. Not a comfortable chair
    5. Cushion looks thick but is not.

  3. Robin Casey says:

    I paid 1500 dollars for these chairs for my group room at my private practice. I am a therapist and was going to use them for group therapy. The chairs were burgundy and after sitting in the chairs for less than 30 minutes they had turned my slacks and that of one of my coworkers RED!!!! so I panicked and took a dry white cloth and began wiping it on each chair. Every one turned the cloth pink and red. There is something drastically wrong with the way these are made and they cannot be used by anyone. To make matters worse it took a whole day to build 14 of them and then amazon said I had to take them all apart repackage them and they would compensate me a full refund + 50 dollar coupon for two days worth of work for me and a coworker. Now they are telling me I have to pay for the shipping and I wont get my refund for weeks. I cant do group (which is losing me money) I lost two days worth of time (which lost me money) and I have to pay for shipping and wait to get the money to buy a product I can actually use. I am so absolutely disappointed in Amazon’s customer service that I am vowing to never spend another penny with this company after years as a loyal customer. I’m sorry but a 50 dollar coupon does not fix the fact that you sold me 1500 dollars worth of bogus unusable products. I know that a company as big as amazon does not care one bit about losing my business but I really did think that they would do the right thing and at least attempt to make this right. They basically told me “oh well” when I expressed how upset I was. Hope this helps anyone prevent making the mistakes that I did.

  4. MG says:

    I’ve been using this chair to sit at my computer for hours every day for more than the last month. It’s comfortable and seems like it will last for quite some time. The cushions have removable covers. Small feet on the bottom can be removed for sliding into and out of a sitting at the desk position on carpet.

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