Boss Fabric Plus Guest Chair Black

Fully upholstered with commercial grade fabric, Thick contoured cushions for added comfort support, Contoured seat and back provides firm lumbar support, Dimensions: Arm Height: 25.5-inch H, Seat Size: 20-inch W x 20-inch D, Seat Height: 18.5-inch , Overall Size: 23-inch W x 24.5-inch D x 34.5-inch H

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  1. This chair holds up well and works fine for a guest chair in my reception area; however, next time I would get leather so that the surface can be cleaned.

  2. R. Thyme says:

    The “fabric” might as well be paper gauze, it’s so thin and flimsy. Out of the box, the “fabric” was torn and coming loose around every attachment screw on the back. The “fabric” on the seat is attached with a ragged line of staples that can be seen by your guests before they sit down to have their clothes ripped by the jagged edges. I guess we should have reminded ourselves that “you get what you pay for,” though in the case of the Boss “Fabric” Plus(!) Guest Chair, you get much, much less than even the rocky-bottom price.

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